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International lottery online service evaluation criteria

Please refer to the ranking of the most popular and trustworthy websites representing the European popular lotteries online, as well as many other famous lotteries in the world. We have identified the most important features of the resources presented that can guarantee legal access to the national lottery of any state, which in turn will help to choose an international online lottery operator. 

List of evaluation criteria of the international lottery site:

  • World lotteries available by country and region
  • Payment methods for lottery tickets and withdrawal of winnings 
  • Bonuses for participating in foreign lottery draws  
  • Scanned copy of the lottery ticket in the player’s personal profile
  • Language versions available of the lottery concierge website

Each online lottery service published in our ranking has its advantages and disadvantages, but at the same time, all the resources presented have high reliability to guarantee the legal possibility to remotely play the most popular world lotteries online.

Choice of platform to play the world lotteries online

There is a fairly long list of criteria for ranking world online lottery websites, an independent study, which will be a boring and laborious task and also does not guarantee users the best option due to lack of experience in an objective evaluation of the international lottery service. 

Our professional team of experts in the lottery industry thoroughly researched the most popular lotto from various countries of the world and checked all games for hidden dangers or obstacles in case non-residents of founding countries participated in their drawings of said lotteries. 

Our philosophy is a rigorous and scientific approach to deep analysis of information in the online lotto sector. Therefore, the study of each world lottery begins with a game formula, rules and conditions for the draws, as well as an objective evaluation of correlation of the lottery ticket cost with the probabilities of winning.

The second stage of our mission is to carefully monitor international world lottery websites, which provide the purchase of lottery tickets on behalf of a player worldwide. The organization of insurance and payment of cash prizes to the draws participants, who play in national lotteries of other countries from abroad, being in their country of permanent residence, are also assigned to the international lottery service. The quality of the fulfillment of these functions is the most important factor for the ranking of the international lottery website, along with the technical functionality of the service and protection of personal data of the players. 

Our long-standing, comprehensive work aimed at honest and objective evaluation of foreign lotteries and international lottery tickets sales websites, allows to present an overview to the players an objective rating of reliability and quality of agents representing foreign lotteries from all over the world. We are confident that our work will benefit millions of lotto game lovers who will make a reasonable choice of an authorized service to play world online lotteries comfortably and effectively.  

Лотерея Евроджекпот – Eurojackpot

ЕвроДжекпот безусловно является одной из самых популярных чиcловых лотерей Европы, во многом благодаря тому, что она объединяет 15 европейских стран. Игровое поле лотереи состоит из двух полей:

  • основное: нужно выбрать 5 чисел из 50
  • дополнительное: нужно выбрать 2 числа из 10

Розыгрыш лотереи происходит еженедельно, по пятницам.

Выигрышными комбинациями считаются те, в которых в обоих полях угадано три или более чисел.

Джекпот лотереи Евроджекпот является накапливаемым, его сумма стартует с 10 миллионов и не может превышать 90 миллионов евро. Благодаря тому, что в дополнительном поле выбор состоит из 10 чисел против 12 чисел в Евромиллионах, суперприз в Евроджекпоте разыгрывается чаще.

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