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Why Should You Play SuperEnaLotto Online?

SuperEnaLotto is an Italian lotto that continues to set unprecedented records and has become a household name in almost every part of the world. Before we delve deeper into where you can play it or how you can win its jackpot, let’s find out some pros associated with playing SuperEnalotto online. First and foremost, this lotto has an impeccable reputation which dates back to the 1950s when its first draw was held. Secondly, it’s so easy to play as we’ll see later in this review. Thirdly, SuperEna’s ticket prices are favourable compared to other worldwide lotteries which in fact can win you unlimited jackpots that’ll change your life forever.

  • SuperEnaLotto has a good reputation.
  • Playing SuperEnaLotto is very easy.
  • Its low ticket prices makes it an attractive prospect.

How Does SuperEnalotto Work?

The Basics

SuperEnalotto’s mechanics are pretty easy to grasp. You select 6 main numbers from a pool consisting of the numbers 1 to 90, while a “Jolly” number—which is similar to a bonus ball—is also selected and determines who wins the second prize tier.

Like all lotteries, the object is to match as many of your chosen numbers as possible. Matching all 6 awards you the jackpot, for instance, while the lesser numbers matched means the more you go down the prize ladder. Unlike other lotteries, however, a player must match at least 2 numbers to win.

SuperStar Number

SuperEnalotto also gives players the option to select an additional number called the SuperStar number for an additional €0.50 per line. If matched, winnings can increase by up to a hundred-fold for those who also matched their main numbers, while guaranteeing a fixed amount to those who don’t match any of their 6 main numbers at all.

Back when the old rules were still in effect, the winning SuperStar numbers were based on the National Lotto draw that was held in Rome, but have since moved away from that model since the new rules took effect. Instead, a separate draw—which is independent from the 6 main numbers—is held.


Here’s where it gets a bit confusing: SuperEnalotto allows you to select more than 6 main numbers through their Integrated System. Essentially, this is functionally the same as picking additional lines, but instead of choosing another set of six numbers from 1 to 90, you simply choose the 7th, 8th, 9th number and so on. Like additional lines, this increases your chances of winning because every possible combination of your chosen numbers is played. SuperEnalotto claims that this option is more popular with syndicate players.

They also offer the Reduced System, which is a cheaper alternative than the Integrated System. Similar to the Integrated System, players can choose more than 6 main numbers. However, this doesn’t guarantee that you will win a jackpot prize even if the numbers drawn include the ones you entered. Instead, some guarantees are given (which are dependent on which type of Reduced system you choose). For example:

Type of Entry Numbers Matched Guarantee
G5 entry 6 At least 5 will line up
G4 entry 6 At least 4 will line up
G3 entry 6 At least 3 will line up

The Odds of Winning

As far as the odds of winning goes, SuperEnalotto proves to be among the hardest lotteries to win big in—topping even both the US Powerball and Mega Millions in this regard. Check out the table below:

Numbers Matched Odds of Winning
6 + 0 1 in 622,614,630
5 +1 1 in 103,769,105
5 + 0 1 in 1,250,230
4+ 0 1 in 11,907
3 + 0 1 in 327
2 + 0 1 in 22

As for the SuperStar draws, the odds of winning are pretty astronomical! Check out the quick breakdown below:

Numbers Matched Odds of Winning
6 + SuperStar 1 in 56,053,316,700
5 + Jolly + SuperStar 1 in 9,339,219,450
5 + SuperStar 1 in 112,520,716
4 + SuperStar 1 in 1,071,626
3 + SuperStar 1 in 29,404
2 + SuperStar 1 in 1,936
1 + SuperStar 1 in 303
SuperStar 1 in 138

Meanwhile, the odds of winning any prize at all—which is 1 in 20—isn’t that bad. Another thing worth noting: you can win instant prizes (from €25 up) if you match your numbers with the ones contained in the magic square that appears on every purchase slip.

So, What Happens if You Win?

SuperEnalotto is a pari-mutuel lottery, which means that each prize tier gets a share of the total prize fund. In this case, 60% of ticket sales are allocated to the prize fund, which is then distributed throughout. Here is how much each prize tier receives from the fund:

Numbers Matched % of the Prize Fund
6 17.4%
5 + 1 13%
5 4.2%
4 4.2%
3 12.8%
2 40%
Instant Prizes 8.4%

¿iquest;Por Qué Deberías Jugar SuperEnaLotto En Línea?

SuperEnaLotto es una lotería italiana que continúa estableciendo récords sin precedentes y se ha convertido en un nombre familiar en casi todas partes del mundo. Antes de que profundicemos en donde puedes jugarla o como puedes ganar su bote, vamos a descubrir algunos pros asociados con el juego de SuperEnaLotto en línea. En primer lugar, esta lotería tiene una reputación impecable que se remonta a los años 50 cuando fue realizado el primer sorteo. En segundo lugar, es tan fácil de jugar como veremos más adelante en esta reseña. En tercer lugar, los precios de los billetes de SuperEna son favorables en comparación con otras loterías mundiales que, de hecho, pueden ganar botes ilimitados que cambiarán tu vida para siempre.

  • SuperEnaLotto tiene una buena reputación.
  • Jugar SuperEnaLotto es muy fácil.
  • El bajo precio de los billetes hace que sea una perspectiva atractiva.

Play Other Lotteries At Multilotto

It’s not common to find a platform which allows you to try out all the lottery games making headlines all over the world. This is exactly what you’ll find once you sign up at Multilotto. As such, there are games from Europe, Australia, South America, North America and the USA. The collection of lottery games in Europe is one you cannot exhaust given that there are 17 different games at your disposal. Examples include Austria Lotto, Euromillions, Poland Lotto, Eurojackpot and Bonoloto among others.

The USA has the second highest number of lottery games featured at Multilotto. There are 8 you can choose from including Powerball, Indiana Hoosier Lotto, New York Lotto and the much famed Mega Millions. Playing this lottery games is very easy and even some follow similar formats. In terms of your chances of landing the jackpot, some games have better odds compared to others but one thing you are guaranteed is that their respective minimum jackpots are impressive. Multilotto makes your life easy with guides detailing how you can play each which is pretty awesome.

¿iquest;Dónde Jugar SuperEnaLotto En Línea?

Hay muchos minoristas en línea que pretenden vender billetes de SuperEnaLotto. Sin embargo, necesitas tener cuidado porque no todos son genuinos. Antes de comprar billetes de Superenalotto, asegúrate de que tu vendedor es de confianza. Multilotto es un sitio web cuya reputación no tiene ninguna imperfección. Puedes pagar por los billetes de lotería en línea usando Visa, Mastercard o una gran cantidad de opciones de pago.

Si ganas en Multilotto, espera una notificación automática a través de un SMS o un correo electrónico. Las ganancias secundarias serán transferidas a tu cuenta una vez que los resultados sean revelados y el dinero del premio nos llegue del operador de lotería autorizado.

How To Play SuperEnaLotto Online

Playing SuperEnaLotto is pretty easy. As such, you’re only required to pick 6 digits from a pool of 1-90. During draws, the organisers will draw an additional number often referred to as the «jolly number.» This jolly number doesn’t play any role as far as winning the jackpot is concerned but boost wins once you match one alongside 5 main numbers.

If you want to claim the jackpot, you’ll have to match all the 6 digits revealed in the draw. The minimum jackpot at stake is €1,300,000 which rolls over every time no one wins it. In October 2010, it reached an astonishing €177.8 million. SuperEna draws are held on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

  • To play, choose 6 digits from a range on 1-90.
  • Match all the 6 numbers to win the jackpot.
  • The minimum jackpot you can win is €1,300,000.

¿iquest;Cómo Jugar SuperEnaLotto En Línea?

Jugar SuperEnaLotto es bastante fácil. Como tal, sólo requieres elegir 6 dígitos de un grupo de 1-90. Durante los sorteos, los organizadores sacarán un número adicional a menudo llamado ¿quot;número alegre¿quot;. Este número alegre no juega ningún papel en lo que respecta a ganar el bote, pero aumenta las ganancias una vez que aciertas uno de los 5 números principales.

Si quieres reclamar el bote, tendrás que acertar los 6 dígitos revelados en el sorteo. El bote mínimo en juego es de 1.300.000¿euro; que se va acumulando cada vez que nadie lo gana. En octubre de 2010, alcanzó la sorprendente cifra de 177,8 millones de euros. Los sorteos de SuperEna son realizados el martes, jueves y sábado.

  • Para jugar, elige 6 dígitos de un rango de 1-90.
  • Acierta los 6 números para ganar el bote.
  • El bote mínimo que puedes ganar es de 1.300.000¿euro;.

SuperEnaLotto в России

Компания Sisal, организатор национальной лотереи Италии, не продает билеты в России. Приобрести купоны SuperEnaLotto в нашей стране можно через посредников.

Один из таких «помощников» — сайт AgentLotto. Ниже – инструкция о том, как им пользоваться.

#1. Регистрация

Для покупки билетов на AgentLotto понадобится учетная запись. Зарегистрируйте аккаунт, указав логин и адрес электронной почты. В дальнейшем будете пользоваться учетной записью, чтобы приобретать и хранить билеты SuperEnaLotto, а также получать выигрыши.

#2. Выбор лотереи

AgentLotto предлагает выбор из более чем 20 лотерей, которые проводятся в Европе, Америке и по всему миру. Выберите SuperEnaLotto.

#3. Отбор чисел

Зачеркните 6 чисел из 90 в первом и втором полях билета SuperEnaLotto. Если хотите выиграть больше, заполните раздел «SuperStar».

#4. Оплата билета

AgentLotto принимает оплату за билеты лотереи со счетов мобильных телефонов, банковских карт, электронных денег (Яндекс.Деньги, Neteller, Skrill) и криптовалютных кошельков (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin).

#5. Получение билета

Через 1-2 часа после оплаты билета AgentLotto вышлет сканированную копию билета. Она будет доступна в личном кабинете пользователя. Рекомендуем скопировать билет на компьютер или в другое защищенное место, чтобы не было проблем с получением выигрыша.

#7. Получение выигрыша

Участники, выигравшие небольшие суммы (до 500 евро), могут получить деньги любым удобным способом – на электронный кошелек, банковскую карту или мобильный телефон. AgentLotto выплатит приз через 1-3 рабочих дня после того, как он был выигран.

About SuperEnalotto

SuperEnalotto has been around since December 1997, but its roots can be traced all the way back to the 1950’s. Its predecessor, Enalotto, was quite popular back in the day, but that didn’t stop lottery organizers SISAL from completely revamping it when they won the bid for it in April of 1996. Under SISAL, SuperEnalotto became a much bigger hit than before—owing to its easy-to-understand concept and massive jackpots.

But that’s not to say that they rested on their laurels—SuperEnalotto continued to evolve through the years. Up until the end of June 2009, the winning numbers heavily relied on the first numbers drawn for regional lotteries held by Lottomatica. The lotteries came from 7 Italian cities such as Bari, Florence, Milan, Naples, Palermo, Rome and Venice (in that order).

Jugar Otras Loterías en Multilotto

No es común encontrar una plataforma que te permita probar todos los juegos de lotería que son noticia en todo el mundo. Esto es exactamente lo que encontrarás una vez que te registres en Multilotto. Como tal, hay juegos de Europa, Australia, América del Sur, América del Norte y los Estados Unidos. La colección de juegos de lotería en Europa es una que no puedes agotar, ya que hay 17 juegos diferentes a tu disposición. Los ejemplos incluyen la Lotería de Austria, Euromillions, Lotería de Polonia, Eurojackpot y Bonoloto entre otras.

Los EE.UU. tienen el segundo mayor número de juegos de lotería presentados en Multilotto. Hay 8 que puedes elegir, incluyendo Powerball, Indiana Hoosier Lotto, New York Lotto y el muy famoso Mega Millions. Jugar a estos juegos de lotería es muy fácil e incluso algunos siguen formatos similares. En términos de tus posibilidades de conseguir el bote, algunos juegos tienen mejores probabilidades en comparación con otros, pero una cosa que está garantizada es que tus respectivos premios mínimos son impresionantes. Multilotto te facilita la vida con guías que detallan cómo puedes jugar cada uno, lo cual es bastante impresionante.

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